The Public Sector Needs Digital Buy-In for Optimal Outcomes

Inevitably there will come a time when you need to contract for services outside your agency. There are strict rules to follow with little room for error. Of course, these rules apply to your digital marketing strategy as much as they would to roads and bridges or public health initiatives, for example.

You’ll want to choose the best value for your digital marketing dollars by selecting a company that can get the job done right the first time, every time. That’s where we come in. Romain Berg is committed to excellence and committed to producing results for all your public sector initiatives.

Public Sector

Who We Are

Romain Berg is a comprehensive Minneapolis-based agency with well over 40 years of combined digital marketing experience. In addition, we have a finely-tuned, public sector-friendly staff  team. 71% of our staff have direct or indirect military experience.

Our mission is to accelerate your digital marketing efforts and do what we do best so that you can focus on the tasks and projects within your department. We’re committed to helping you navigate the rough, and often erratic, waters of the digital world. 

Romain Berg has strong ties to the government. We employ team members who have worked for various branches of the government and have business partnerships with companies who contract with the government.

We understand government contracts and the need to be responsible to your constituents. Our team has direct experience with government proposal processes, and we’ll meet your requirements and then some.

We understand how government budgets work. We believe in lean strategies and will go above and beyond to make your marketing investment work productively for you.

Romain Berg has strong public sector relationships as well that add to our efficiency for your account.

Public Sector departmental and project success is often about community. You serve your constituents, and our part of that service is enhancing your visibility and reputation within that community.

At Romain Berg, we’ll help you overcome obstacles and support you with continued collaboration as you reach and then surpass your visibility, outreach, and reputation goals.

What We Do

Although we thrive on innovation and leading-edge SEO and other techniques, here are some of our core practices:

     Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – This is our specialty.

     Digital Marketing Consulting – We employ knowledgeable, experienced professionals.

     Pay Per Click (PPC) Management – Get the most out of your PPC campaign.

     Web Design – A well-designed website attracts and keeps more customers.

     Content Creation – Our high-end content team crafts your copy and content using your expertise to build client loyalty and trust.

     Online Reputation Management (ORM) – Perception is everything.

How We Do It

Romain Berg is a lean organization, and we’ve excelled in standardizing our processes. We know what works and have mapped our methods to understand best where we can add value.

We understand the need to minimize waste both in time and in materials in the public sector. We also understand that every project is different, and unique “branding” in the public sector is paramount to success.

Our standardized processes combine with a customized approach to make your campaigns stand out.

Below is a basic outline of our process:

Businessman pointing at graph and chart to analysis use for plans to improve quality, business finances and accounting concept

Website Audit

In this audit, we will look to uncover potential hazardous penalties that can be holding your site back from ranking. Then we will assess your site to understand where the most significant potential improvements sit and plan a roadmap to rank your website successfully.

On-Page SEO

The audit will often reveal errors in both the structure and optimization of your current site. We may need to modify certain aspects on your pages to ensure that search engines can understand your site offerings.

Link Building

Throughout the length of our engagement, we will continually work on link-building tasks. We do this to increase the trust and credibility of your projects and initiatives in the eyes of the search engines.

We execute the ongoing services at a natural speed to ensure your site does not receive penalties and is set up for results into the future.

Our focus will be to acquire high-quality and high-trust links that point toward your site. Increasing the trust and credibility of your website in the eyes of the search engines will help improve your rankings both in and beyond the public sector.

Attaining high-quality sites that link to your website is one of the most effective ways of building up the authoritativeness of your site for the search engines.

Link Building

Keyword Analysis

Public sector businesses and initiatives are in a unique position in our general commerce. Focusing digital efforts around an efficient keyword strategy is where the most significant opportunity lies online.

Our SEO efforts will improve the health of your overall site and move you closer to your desired result. 

Whether your goal is increased military recruitment, effective communication with your region or industry, quality vendor acquisition, or something else, Romain Berg has a superior  plan. We get you where your department needs to go.

Why Use Romain Berg?

Romain Berg has merged analytics with creativity to provide an innovative tool that is unique to the digital marketing arena. Whatever the project, branding, or initiative you wish to create, Romain Berg will help you target with precision the audience with whom you wish to engage.

By understanding your stakeholders, we can customize your content to be high-impact and engaging to your target audience.

This unique and creative solution sets us apart from our competition. Working with Romain Berg gives you the necessary edge that will leave others wondering how you do it. Regardless of your industry, we’ll work our magic while maintaining compliance with regulatory guidance.

Romain Berg Logo

We roll out a welcome mat to many public sector projects because we are deeply familiar with the value they bring to the market. Our patriotic roots run deep, and it shows with each public sector client we serve. Contact Romain Berg to get started. You can reach us at (612) 371-2030, or contact us at to discuss your needs.

We’ll customize a campaign that delivers. We have the experience and expertise to ensure you reach your business goals. Why wait? Start today.