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If ever there were a poster-child industry for online niche marketing, it’s private equity.

You have assets in your portfolio that must do well financially for investors to stay loyal and happy in your fund. Likely, there may be a high degree of diversity within your holdings.

We have the expert digital tools, staff, and marketing systems that keep your investments humming with visibility, leads, and revenue across a wide berth of industry and commerce.

Partner with us, and let us show you how we shine the digital spotlight on all your asset companies. Keep your assets at robust performance with Romain Berg.

Contact us today for a full picture of the services we offer. Take our discovery form to determine if your firm is prepared to level-up your portfolio’s visibility, credibility, and overall value.

You are the experts in finance, and we are the experts online.

You and your team are the purchasing and “turn-around” experts that shepherd your assets into new or continued prosperity.

How will you do that? By using leading-edge digital marketing strategy from Romain Berg.

Romain Berg frees you up to do what you do best: find the best companies in which to invest.

Once you acquire those companies, you optimize their leadership teams, improve their products and services, maximize their efficiency, and achieve heightened performance.

Our job is working on each of your investments from the inside out.

We will create and implement the digital marketing strategy that will make all your internal asset improvements indeed count in increased sales and revenue.
Trust is quantifiable in the digital world
We have extensive knowledge and practice on how to build trust, power, and relevance online.

Consequently, we develop your asset companies’ standings in search rankings. Believe it or not, “trust” is a quantifiable element on search engines.

The more people talk about, write about, or post about the products and services in your asset portfolio; the more Google will “point” to your companies when the general public searches for solutions to their product and service queries and challenges.

Working with Romain Berg ultimately builds trust throughout your entire organization.

We are intimately familiar with all the metrics of building that trust with search engines. All our tools and systems laser-point customers toward your asset company websites.

Why outsource your PE firm’s digital marketing?

Robust online marketing strategy is always a significant part of a firm’s ROI or a target company’s productive potential in private equity.

We are leading-edge experts in digital marketing, just like you are leading edge experts in mergers, acquisitions, and venture capital.

Our marketing strategy combines with your investment and acquisition strategy to strengthen your entire portfolio performance. Here’s how we work with you to do that.

When you partner with Romain Berg, each company in your asset list gets the following:

Individualized, comprehensive website analysis for each company you hold –
This audit is extensive and detailed to include site architecture, speed, performance, search engine standing, text and keyword density, and overall metrics for “trust” in cyberspace.

  • On-page SEO -This includes copy, title, and headline optimization, improved website usability, and optimized tagging throughout the site, as well as improved meta and alt image tags.
  • Off-page SEO -Including the continual building of links that point back to the asset’s website for the duration of your collaboration with Romain Berg.
  • Keyword analysis -We use extensive data analysis on the target clients of each company in your portfolio to synthesize an extensive list of optimized keywords.These keywords are incorporated into your website, and in any copy the company provides, such as blog posts or industry articles.
  • Carefully curated content from our expert writing team –
    We continue to keep your asset companies front-and-center as the experts in their industry with fresh and relevant content.

Our experienced and specialized writing team posts top quality articles to your site that are keyword-optimized and extensively checked for accuracy and readability.

We do this on a predetermined schedule and do all the work and research so your content is delivered on time and on point.

Your Sales Partner & Adding Value During The Exit

Romain Berg has an online strategy to help your assets become so much more on several levels.

We can help your target companies and asset companies in the pre-sale and venture capital process as well.

Companies that want to maximize their selling price or venture capital investment potential must prove they have several of the following, depending on the goal of the sale or investment:

  • Proven lead generation funnels.
  • A product or service that is viable in the market at a large scale (For example, their widget 2.0 is selling like hotcakes with a waiting list a mile long, and they lack the capital to increase the size and scale of your supply chain.)
  • Potential to increase growth by improving operational efficiency.
  • Potential for a market “flip”; a midsize company that may be struggling, but can be purchased, optimized quickly, and sold again to a larger firm or organization.

Romain Berg has the online marketing expertise to:

  • Improve company lead generation quickly and efficiently.
  • Position companies, products, or services as a target for investors searching for acquisitions.
  • Showcase the value of your asset products prominently in their sector.
  • Build out and maximize the content of asset websites so other investors can easily research their value and head toward a profitable sale.

We Are The Best Private Equity Marketing Team

We understand the specialized nature of making private equity portfolio assets more visible and profitable in the market.

Our comprehensive digital marketing services optimize each of your holdings from stem to stern, digitally speaking.

With our proven SEO, PPC, Curated Content, Website design, and Reputation Management systems, your company holdings get the savviest approach to online marketing available.

Fill out the form today to set up a strategy session.

At Romain Berg, we strategically and expertly create a superior online marketing strategy for all the companies in your asset portfolio. Everyone in private equity wins with Romain Berg. 

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