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Online Publishing Websites Flourish with Digital Marketing from Romain Berg

Online publishers take note.  Because your business is nearly 100% online, it only follows that your marketing should adopt a similar footprint.

We know your biggest concern is to increase your inventory (traffic) on your website to accumulate more impressions from your site visitors. Romain Berg has the inside track on your website visibility and rank. 

Contact us today and find out how to amp up your presence in the digital world, and your impression metrics in real life. We deliver results, not hype.

Rank Equals Inventory

Everyone and their sister are writing a book these days, and with many online publishing houses competing for traffic from both authors and readers alike, it can be a challenge to stand out in the market. 

Anyone with an idea and the ability to compile 100 pages of the written word can get their material out into the world. With hundreds of online publishers ready to serve them, the most significant challenge is getting eyeballs on your site.

 With the advent of online publishing, it can be tough for publishing houses to corner the market.  In one survey, a full 60 percent of publishers queried listed SEO strategy, audience growth, and marketing as their top concerns for 2019.

With effective digital marketing strategy and implementation from Romain Berg, your publishing house can land at the top of the ranking pile in nearly every search conducted by all those people interested in what your publishing brand has to offer.

Brand Differentiation Works with Romain Berg SEO

At Romain Berg, we approach our online publisher digital marketing strategy with your precise brand in mind.

It’s a tall order, but we specialize in leading-edge SEO techniques that land you real results in the form of increased traffic. And you can see those results because we keep track of your success throughout our collaboration.

We provide complete reporting on all the traffic increases we deliver to your website and other digital places you call home. When we do our job well, your ROI goes up and to the right. For us to build our following, it’s paramount that we build yours.

As a comprehensive digital strategy partner, we do the following:

     Clarify your brand by customizing your website aesthetics, content tone, products, and services

     A complete website audit to determine where to make necessary changes quickly and effectively

     Determine who your ideal clients are by using leading-edge vocabulary-to-personality alignment tools, as well as traditional buyer personas.

     Build out your new or existing website with superior SEO strategies, from backlink building to high-value intent driven keyword research to evergreen content. You stay relevant in an ever-changing industry.

     Schedule SEO updates strategically timed to avoid Google “red flags” that can lower your search rankings. (This rank fluctuation can happen if you change your overall web content too fast.)

     Train your content staff on leading-edge SEO techniques, so the expert content you provide does a better job of getting you seen.

     Use each of our digital marketing services to cultivate all three levels of an audience–from followers to customers, to raving fans. (Did you know you need all three types of audience members? Schedule a consult, and we’ll explain how this works in detail.)

     Continual monitoring and reporting of our traffic results to your leadership team

What Is Your Publishing Brand About, Anyway?

In any saturated market, both new and existing businesses can still succeed.  How does this happen? By crafting and excelling within your niche.

In other words, where it’s at is with brand clarity and then SEO placement for those markers.

Here are a few questions we’ll want you to answer when you collaborate with us:

     Who are you trying to reach with your content?

     What is the purpose of your content?

     What do you want people to do when they arrive at your website, your blog post, or your social media pages?

     What is your target inventory, and in how much time would you like to achieve it?

 With Romain Berg at your side, your readership could expand exponentially with our comprehensive SEO strategy.  Think of what we do as a complete makeover for your website and content. We help your brand stand out in a sea of other word-makers.

We know you have a team that writes excellent stuff. Our goal is to make sure your “stuff” gets seen by the audience you want to target.

Through our proven systems, we shine a digital spotlight on your content. We adroitly assist your brand in cutting through the digital noise in the online publishing sphere.

Our customized digital marketing strategy combined with your industry expertise is a winning combination. We deliver the highest visibility and inventory for your online publishing business.

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