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Yes, you must have a digital presence as a manufacturer.

Romain Berg is your specialist for transforming outdated offline marketing into a powerful online customer magnet. 

We use proven SEO strategies, keyword optimization, and leading-edge audience and content filters to allow your visitors to self-select for your products and services. 

When your audience “self-selects,” it means that those folks who visit you are more likely to click “purchase” because you’ve attracted the clients who’ve already done the hard stuff. They are prepared to say “yes.”

Partnering with Romain Berg means that the people who visit your site are already looking to click the BUY button. 

When we place you in front of them, our carefully curated content and your high search rankings mean you are precisely targeting your biggest potential fans. 

These are people who will trust you and know that only you can solve their problems. Contact us today for a deep dive into how our systems get you noticed and paid.

The “old” way: How offline marketing doesn’t work like it used to.

When you think about manufacturing companies and marketing, you might get the following visual: a large conference expo, and you at a booth, standing all day long, having the same conversation with the passer-by who stops at your candy dish. 

These random industry people feel guilty enough eating your chocolate that they stay and get a little info on your company and what you do. Most of them are not even the decision-makers in their company.

If you’re lucky, you get a few offers to meet up for lunch or drinks after the expo shuts down. You could end up with a luke-warm lead that needs a ton of massaging and development before a sale materializes. 

Here’s another scenario that may sound familiar:

You spend thousands of dollars on industry magazine ads. You have no way to know if those ads work to bring in the leads you need effectively.  

However, “everybody” has ads in the mags–it’s just what you do if you own a manufacturing company. 

You wish you knew if your hard-earned dollars were helping you to earn more business. You wonder if you could be making better sales with an online presence, but should your business be online aside from your informational website? 

Don’t you have to spend months grooming clients and bringing them into “the fold” and then sneak your sales pitch after several weeks of giving away your time and samples?

Let Romain Berg show you a better way to market.

Of course, sales in the manufacturing sector are often based on relationships and always will be to a great extent. It’s our mission to show you how our state of the art digital marketing systems can:

  • Significantly decrease the “trust lag” between when you first meet a potential customer and when they trust you to solve their problems by making a purchase.
  • Exponentially increase the number of relationships available to you by bringing your products, values, and mission to a broader audience of purchase-ready clients.

Here’s how this works.

At Romain Berg, we first want to know your company as profoundly as we can. 

Your voice, your tone, your values, your products, your packages, the problems you solve, and every detail about your ideal client.

We take this information and use it to do the following:

  • Transform your website to be a high-ranking click machine. With our comprehensive website analysis, on-page and off-page SEO strategy, building backlinks and using Google metrics to build trust in your company online.
  • Retool your website SEO tags for optimal visibility, with regular adaptations for as long as you retain our services. Our changes are strategically made over time to continually raise you higher in search results and prevent any “red flags” from Google for over-optimization.
  • Providing relevant content from our expert writing team in your voice.  When you post timely and keyword-optimized content like blog posts, you win. You position yourself as the local, regional, national, or international expert in your area of industry. Expertise equals more trust, which translates directly to sales.

This is just a taste of the services that Romain Berg offers, and we do it in a way that no one else does. 

Our unique approach to both organic and paid traffic helps our service stand out as the best value for your advertising dollars. 

B2B and B2C Advertising

B2C online marketing may seem intuitive. You make a product that your audience wants, you find out where your audience hangs out, and you “solve their problems” in your ad campaign, so consumers fill out your contact form. 

B2B online marketing is mostly the same, except for your audience. In B2B campaigns, you are still trying to market your problem-solving product or service. 

But instead of targeting individuals with your ad strategy, you’re targeting companies and organizations. 

Further, you target people who can say “yes” and sign the check for your goods. 

The puzzle that Romain Berg solves is how to find those individuals who are hidden away at their desks. Those decision-makers need your product, and they search for it online. 

When you hire Romain Berg, we find out precisely what those decision-makers are looking for and which words they’re using in their search or where they hang out online. 

We make sure your website, blog posts, and paid and referral traffic all point them in your direction. You are the first supplier they see who has what they are looking for. 

The only thing left to do is for you to cement the new relationship. It’s time to show off your glorious array of products perfectly suited to your customer’s needs.

And then, deliver on your promises, whatever those may be. 

Voila. You have a loyal client who is much more likely to sing your praises in their network, online, and (heh, heh) at the next conference they attend. 

The “booth-standers” won’t have anything on you.

Romain Berg is the company to contact when you are done with endless hours of offline marketing, lead-generation frustration, and failure to grow. 

Visit our website and take our readiness assessment today to make your online presence an effective lead funnel and traffic converter to loyal customers and actual dollars.

Visit our website and check how we help B2B Manufacturing to make your online presence an effective lead funnel and traffic converter to loyal customers and actual dollars.


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