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The lifeblood of any community, from big cities to small towns to rural areas, consists of local businesses. But as national retail chains expand their reach, how do you compete?

Online digital marketing.

When done correctly, online marketing can level the playing field and give your local business an advantage over a larger chain or corporation.

Reach Your Audience Better Than Ever

How would it impact your business if a customer drove by one or more of your competitors on the way to your place of business?

It’s easier than ever for this to happen, with mobile devices like smartphones now in the hands of nearly 8 in 10 Americans, Your customers can find lots of options. 

That’s why it’s crucial that your marketing include internet marketing that’s optimized to give you an advantage. Your website should be optimized for mobile-friendliness.

Consumers and potential prospects looking for your products and services are using their mobile devices to find a local business like yours. They want to turn to you to: 

  • Enjoy a meal 
  • Have a drink
  • Solve a problem 
  • Make their life easier 

Trustworthy Marketing

These days, trust is essential to consumers, who regularly choose one business over another based on this. Your online marketing should foster trust and build a rapport. 

Appeal to a prospect by engaging with them, offering value, and treating them like a person, not a commodity.

Your SM, email, mobile, and other digital marketing platforms should be designed to optimize this type of interaction so that prospects see you as a trustworthy source.

Content Marketing

An easy way to build trust is to provide thoughtful content that engages and informs. Put up articles and blog posts that provide useful, easy-to-read content.

Your content should keep them updated on what’s current in your industry, tell them what’s happening at your store or business, and provide basic answers to their questions or solutions to their problems. By regularly posting content, you build a reputation as an expert in your field, which in turn compels prospects to depend on you.

SEO Marketing

Search engine optimization goes hand-in-hand with content marketing. To take full advantage, you should have content that is SEO-optimized not just for your specialty but also for your local area. 

Based on keyword research, you can create posts and articles that help solve a common problem or show them “how to” do something related to your business.

For example, if you’re a plumber, your site should have content that answers “how to prevent a clogged sink?” and other types of questions so that prospects see you as a source of valuable information. 

SEO-optimization means prospects who do such a search will find your website/business more quickly. 

Local SEO would include keywords that rank well for your niche and your local area, so if someone searches for “plumbers in Omaha”, you’ll be at the top of the first page of search results.

SEO also applies to your website content in general, not just to articles and blog posts. Your About Us pages or Services pages, for example, should also be SEO-friendly.

Social Media Marketing

When implemented correctly, social media can leverage your strengths and interactivity with the public to increase foot traffic and site traffic. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter can all be used to direct prospects to your site by: 

  • Providing links to new articles or blog posts 
  • Announcing the latest sales or special promotions
  • Sharing relevant breaking news

Ultimately, your social media marketing should build trust, brand loyalty, and your customer base, which translates into sales and repeat sales.

Email Marketing

In everything you do, from having an opt-in form on your site to asking for customer emails when they make a purchase, building a digital list and regularly engaging it with emails is a low-cost, high-reward method of marketing your local business.

What Romain Berg Can Do for Your Local Business

Local business marketing is one of the foundations of Romain Berg. We know what it’s like to have a relatively limited budget, and we understand how crucial direct ROI is to a local business.

Maximum Value

When you partner with Romain Berg, you’ll maximize the value of your marketing budget. Because we’re a full-service, comprehensive online marketing agency, you won’t have to go elsewhere for marketing-related services. We provide all the marketing solutions you need to reach your goals.

Evergreen Solutions

When you invest in your website with Romain Berg, you’ll get lasting value. Our solutions are designed to get long-term results, not just short-term hype. 

Improvements to your site will stay with you even if (for some reason) we are no longer working with you.

You Own It

Your website is yours, regardless if we no longer work together. Whatever we develop into your website is yours, from web copy and ads to analytics and the work product itself. You won’t get trapped with owned assets that aren’t yours.

A Comprehensive Turnkey Solution Designed for You 

The package we design for your small business is tailored to meet your needs. Once you share your business goals and needs with us, we’ll develop a comprehensive solution that drives leads to your website and your place of business.


The competition for your services and products is getting fiercer, so your marketing must be world-class. Whatever your marketing goal, Romain Berg helps you achieve it.

Even if you’re not sure what your objective is, we’ll help define it and then create a solution that gives your business explosive growth.

Call us today at (612) 371-2030 for more information about your marketing options. Or, for your convenience, contact us here, to let us know what you need. Then we’ll get in touch to discuss your questions and cover your options.

Wherever your local business is located, Romain Berg has the answers you need to explode your business and shatter your goals.